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Every company seeks growth, regardless of size. Small companies are looking to scale up; larger companies struggle against disruptors to remain relevant, often needing to reinvent.

Scaling a company is a symphony of diligent repetition of business-relevant activities. And like a symphony, some prominent instruments are in the foreground - in a company, these could be the team lead(s) and CEOs, or the product, for instance. They may carry the symphony’s melody, but they are not enough. No symphony is complete without its supporting instruments. These instruments provide the foundation, the rhythm, and the subtle nuances that enhance the symphony's texture, but they are harder to perceive until they stop playing.

In scaling a company, the ‘supporting instruments’ are often unnoticed and even misunderstood, but their role is no less crucial. Unsexy business elements like process design, efficiency, performance management, product philosophy, customer focus and culture are easy to tick off a checklist but can easily derail scale.

Just as a symphony demands synchronization and collaboration among its various sections, scaling a company requires the harmonious collaboration of all its parts. I know this because I’m an operator with a wealth of transitions under my belt: from developed to emerging markets, corporates to startups, private to listed company, and engineer to business leader. And in all these roles, I’ve had to do one thing - grow!

Hi! I’m Adia, and in Leap of Scale, I share stories & lessons from these experiences. Hopefully, they save you time!

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Between the struggle and success in building scale, there is a space. I write about the opportunities to take, in that space, to turn yourself, your teams and your company towards scalable growth.


I'm a venture builder and operator. And I talk about my journey in building, operating and scaling tech platforms in emerging markets